About me & my business life...

Hi, I'm Cody Griffin. As I type this, it is 2015 & I'm an 18 year old photographer / entrepreneur. I started GDI Griffin Digital Image in 2011 with nothing but my fathers entry level Digital SLR camera, and a Macintosh computer I got as a gift.

I came to photography from skateboarding.

I'm a professional skateboarder. With skateboarding comes a lot of photography & videography. I was creating "skate vids" with some friends, and I fell in love with video production & photography. So durring my 2-year break of skateboarding due to injuries I decided to take off with my imagery skills and start a photography business. I put skateboarding on stand-by for a couple years to get my business estsablished. So that I can have something to make a great, supportive career out of. ...Since skateboarding isn't guarenteed to indefinitely pay the bills. Even with big endorsements, they don't last forever. So with my photography, I started out by going to near-by events, and doing photography for free. Some owners of events noticed my work, and I got hired for photo and video shoots. I've worked my way up to eventually photographing for celebrities, big corporations, fine-food, and multi-million dollar cars / real estate.  

In 2013 I became a partner with YouTube. In 2014 I've branched my videography out to creating over 20 TV commercials in one year. This year, 2015, I have branched out further. By starting more businesses. 


Anyways, back to imagery. My goal is not money, although I do have expensive taste, it's not money. It's quality. My goal is to provide you the best imagery possible, whether it's through photography, or videography, of any type.